Stamp Collection Appraisals in NH

Looking to determine the value of your stamp collection in New Hampshire? Our team at Paradise Valley is here to help. Many of our clients have been collecting stamps their whole lives, and have experienced great success through our professional stamp appraisal.

Estate Appraisals

We offer comprehensive formal estate appraisals either in our offices or on your premises. Contact us for further information and rates.

General Appraisal

Do you find yourself with a stamp holding you do not know the value of, or need advice on how to bring it to the market?

Please feel free to contact us via email at Include a brief description of your stamp holding, if possible a few pictures, and your name and contact info. This is a helpful starting point, and if it can be determined that the collection may have some value, we can set up an appointment to view the collection in person. There may be a charge for a consultation/appraisal, and you will be made aware of any cost prior to any appointment.

In some instances we offer to sell a stamp collection on consignment, or purchase it outright, but there is no obligation for you to go through us in selling your holding.

What is the stamp appraisal process?

First, you send us some choice photos of your stamps, along with some basic information about your collection. With this information, we determine an estimate and the best method for selling your collection.

Next, we get together in person to provide a detailed appraisal based on a multi-point checklist. Seeing your collection will help us evaluate an accurate auction value for your stamp collection.

Finally, we offer consignment and make arrangements based on your needs and the content of your collection. If we mutually determine that you’d be better off consigning with someone else in the philatelic community, we help point you in the right direction.

NH Stamp Appraisal Experts

Get a high quality appraisal on your stamp collection from the experts at Paradise Valley. We’ve been actively involved in the stamp industry for over fifty years, and we can help you determine and achieve the best value for your collection. Contact us for your appraisal today!

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