victoria.gif (2357 bytes)The Queen Victoria Stamp
The World's First Stamp

The Dream of the Penny Black
Collectors of all ages appreciate the Queen Victoria stamp.

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"Penny Black"

The Queen Victoria stamps of great Britain have been a fascination among collectors for years, since the first issue was released in 1840.

The ever-popular "Penny Black" was the world's first postage stamp. Issued in Great Britain, the stamp had underwent great trials in being created, as it deemed her majesty's approval.

The original die used to make the stamp was created in December, 1839. However,  this die was rejected because the background was too light. The second die was made on Jan. 23, 1840. On March 4, 1840, the queen submitted her approval of high satisfaction of this proof and the stamp was issued in May of 1840.

The first issue, known as the Penny Black, was too often illegally used as people would clean and reuse the stamps. In efforts to prevent illegal use, they were printed the stamps in red-brown in 1841.

Collectors, from beginners to specialists, appreciate the Penny Black for it’s history, which has brought about great attention.

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